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Avalanche Backpack – to the Rescue!

Safety. Protection. Wellbeing. These are the factors each person should always keep in mind during their wintertime outdoor activities. No wonder why avalanche backpacks are becoming more and more popular. These amazing pieces of mountain equipment are an almost indispensable addition to the gear of every ski touring enthusiast. As long as she or he is aware of the many dangers that await in the great outdoors. An avalanche backpack increases the chances of survival during… well, an avalanche.

At SkiWebShop you can buy these unique backpacks online. They are equipped with amazing avalanche airbags, which can be activated when needed. Thanks to that particular modern technology, an avalanche backpack can keep its user afloat during an avalanche. When tons of snow descending the mountains at a fast rate, there is no time for hesitation. You need to think fast and have your safety in mind. With an avalanche pack like this on your back, the risk of getting caught by the snow decreases significantly. In other words, avalanche airbag backpacks protect you from being covered with excess snow.

Each avalanche backpack possesses particular straps and bands. You should tie them around the chest, waist, and legs for a secure fit. As soon as you need to rescue yourself from an incoming avalanche, all you have to do is pull a plastic grip. This way the airbags will inflate and pop open to save you from being stuck under the snow.

Avalanche Airbag Backpacks – an All-New Must-Have

Avalanche ski wear is a sophisticated technology, which all of you hikers should consider giving a try. There are currently several anti-avalanche solutions with different protective systems on the market. The most popular of them work on the basis of special cartridges with compressed gas. After each use, the gas cylinder should be replaced with the use of a special gas tank.

Another system is based on an extremely efficient battery-powered fan and is also getting more recognition recently. It supports using the ski airbag multiple times while you only have to ensure that the battery is properly charged. Regardless of the selected system, an avalanche backpack provides a significant increase in the level of safety in mountainous regions. That is why they are so eagerly chosen by mountain rescuers, guides, and lovers of off-slope skiing.

A complete avalanche backpack is extremely lightweight and very easy to handle. The avalanche airbags can be seamlessly replaced with new ones if needed. You only need 3 seconds for the avalanche airbag to expand to 150 liters. Moreover, each avalanche pack has additional straps to help you carry around your skis, helmet, and goggles. A true must-have for all snow enthusiasts!

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